Body Slam Soap

BrokenDuckyAmazing response to our latest adventure! Body Slam Soap! Some of you have found sample bars in your regular orders, and some have just ordered directly form the site. Either way, THANK YOU for such an incredible response to these new products!

For those of you that haven’t tried them out yet, here’s the low-down;

Every Athlete lives it… Train, Sweat, Clean, Repeat. We’ve built our reputation on products built for the active, the athletic, and the PRIMAL lifestyle. BODY SLAM soap, one more way the Ape has your back. Simple, Effective ingredients that clean, protect, and nourish the skin, while at the same time, STOPPING the STINK.
The awesomeness that is BODY SLAM soap? Pretty simple really, just a perfect blend of what it takes to clean a body, and none of the BS!


PRIMAL DARK – Is a bit stronger and leaves a very distinct scent – Saponified oils of safflower sunflower, palm, and coconut (with retained glycerin); oats, essential oils of clove bud and cassia, cloves, rosemary extract.
SAVAGE SHEA – A lighter scent, and less abrasive, but every bit as tough – Saponified oils of safflower sunflower, palm, and coconut (with retained glycerin), oats, shea butter, honey, rosemary extract.
Almost forgot to mention that this is not the “love and leave” (love the smell of the bar, but the smell is gone as soon as I leave the shower) type bar that we see on the market today, These naturally created, and incredibly invigorating scents will keep you smelling fresh long after (up to 6 hours) you hit the shower!
We hope you enjoy our BODY SLAM soaps as much as we do, and until next post, LIVE PRIMAL!