Re-Define your diet

MaureenAs we have had some incredible feedback to our last blog and emailer, we’d like to say THANKS again to the unstoppable Maureen Riordon! This week, she’s talking about that filthy four letter word that we have all struggled with, “DIET”. Rather than dole out a list of what you “Can’t” do though, Maureen goes all the way back to square one and redefines what that four letter word means!!! Hint – If you are hungry, you’re doing it wrong!

Good morning to my Ragin’ Ape fans!!!

Sticking with a diet can be really tough! One reason is because people misuse the word as a verb (as in diet: to restrict) instead of using it as a noun, as in the types of food a person or animal eats on a regular basis.  So when I ask my clients to look at their diets, I just want them to look at what they’re currently eating and find ways of healthier alternatives.  I don’t want to use the word “restrict”, because reverse psychology causes us to want what we can’t have.  Instead, I want them to use “replace” certain goal-HINDERING food with different goal-ENABLING foods.
For example, most people struggle with a sweet tooth. Typically if we feed a craving with a healthy alternative, we find the original craving for what was probably a goal-hindering food disappears.  Next time you’re craving a candy bar, try eating a banana instead.  They are high in natural sugars which is more likely what you’re craving anyhow.  OR get a bite size piece of dark chocolate. Notice the words BITE SIZE though! 🙂 It’s often too difficult to discipline ourselves to only one or two squares of chocolate once we unwrap the entire candy bar (at least in the beginning), versus unwrapping a single bite size piece of dark chocolate instead.
Eating a small amount of dark chocolate a few times a week is actually beneficial in lowering blood pressure, increasing blood flow to the brain and thus improving cognitive functioning, helps to protect against Type 2 diabetes, and is high in antioxidants which help to rid our bodies of free radicals.  So go ahead and enjoy a few pieces a week.
Or perhaps you’re the type that has a fondness for baked good instead of candy.  Next time you think of buying that chocolate cake (which, by the way, is full of 235 calories in even a small piece), consider choosing angel food cake topped with fresh strawberries.  A piece of angel food cake has only 72 calories compared to the 235 found in chocolate cake. And feel free to be generous with the strawberries because half a cup of fresh, halved strawberries holds only 49 calories.
See? You don’t need to “restrict”. Just simply “replace” with healthier choices that are just as enjoyable and satisfying to your cravings, yet more conducive to your health goals. 🙂
Till next time,
Live Primal!