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The best YOU!

The young lady in the image (credit  appear “overweight” to you? Me neither. She looks very attractive and very healthy to me. Maybe it’s the times, maybe it’s the media, but something’s got a majority of us hung up on the stick figures that we see on every channel and magazine cover. I’m not sure […]


The answers are on your plate

Been a while since the Ape’s had anything to say other than thank you for all of the orders and continued customer loyalty! Nothing out of the ordinary, just some summer fun, alot of research and development, and of course maintaining that Primal Lifestyle. On the topic of research, last monday (September 2nd) marked the […]



Seems that we hear alot about exercise, specific exercises, and countless words about the best way to shape this muscle or tone that one. Development of specific strengths and magazine cover form is great if that’s what you are are into. However, in everything that we hear regarding exercise, diet and training, we rarely hear that all […]


Proud to sponsor the kids involved in our American Rodeo heritage!

Ragin’ Ape is proud to sponsor the National Little Britches Rodeo Association! This weekend, we get another chance to support a local branch of the Little Britches. The Rocky Mountain Little Britches will be hosting an Easter Weekend rodeo at the Latigo Arena in Elbert, Colorado. You can learn more about Latigo’s wonderful facility right […]


Organically Speaking

Lots of our customers have tried Ragin’ Ape’s BODY SLAM soap. We see a ton of re-orders and are always working to perfect the next batch. We had an interesting question about what it means to call our product “Organic”. Great question, here’s the Ape’s answer; Please note that the Ape doesn’t use the word […]


Re-Define your diet

As we have had some incredible feedback to our last blog and emailer, we’d like to say THANKS again to the unstoppable Maureen Riordon! This week, she’s talking about that filthy four letter word that we have all struggled with, “DIET”. Rather than dole out a list of what you “Can’t” do though, Maureen goes […]


This lady knows fitness!

Maureen Riordon! Get used to the name here at Ragin’ Ape! We’ve talked her into letting us share some of her incredibly insightful blog posts with our readers, so we’ll be chasing her for content as often as possible! A little history on Maureen; Maureen Riordon is a USAKL Certified Ketllebell-Lifting Instructor. Aside from her […]



We have a habit of highlighting some of our biggest fans. Here’s one that really stands out. Paul is a long time friend and customer of everyone at Ragin’ Ape. Last year, Paul did something that most 20 year olds don’t even aspire to. In his own words; “I’m 55 years old, my hobby,passion and […]


Body Slam Soap

Amazing response to our latest adventure! Body Slam Soap! Some of you have found sample bars in your regular orders, and some have just ordered directly form the site. Either way, THANK YOU for such an incredible response to these new products! For those of you that haven’t tried them out yet, here’s the low-down; […]